Friends rescue dog trapped in abandoned mine shaft for over a week

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Gannon Ingles, left, and Preston Gladd holding Cheyenne. Photo credit: Portia Scovern

PARK COUNTY, Colo. — Preston Gladd as hiking in Park County when he heard sounds coming from a cave.

“He thought it was a wild animal so he did not investigate,” his girlfriend, Portia Scovern wrote as she told the story on Facebook.

Fast forward more than a week to Wednesday, October 18. Preston was hiking in the same area near Fairplay and that time he heard barking.

It turns out a dog had fallen into an abandoned mine shaft. Preston called Portia and another friend, Gannon Ingles, to help.

They used their climbing gear to go into the shaft and rescue the pup, whose name is Cheyenne.

Portia Scovern holds Cheyenne. Photo credit: Preston Gladd

They checked her out and she appeared to be uninjured. She was dehydrated but seemed to be OK.

They gave her some food and water, cleaned her up and started looking for her owner.

Thanks to Facebook, they were able to locate Cheyenne’s owner.

Portia told us they did not meet the owner. He sent a friend to pick her up.

Officials remind people who are hiking in the mountains that abandoned mine shafts can be dangerous.


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