Winter outlook: Warmer, wetter weather expected for Colorado

DENVER — The National Weather Service issued its 2017-2018 winter outlook on Thursday.

The odds favor a warmer and wetter winter in Colorado, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Forecasters predict a 50 percent to 65 percent chance La Nina develops for this winter.

La Nina means cooler-than-normal water in the South Pacific near the equator.

There, interaction between oceans and atmosphere is critical and can determine jet stream positions.

In other words, it means who gets heavy snow and who doesn’t.

In Colorado, NOAA is forecasting above-normal snowfall for the northern mountains this winter. NOAA is also forecasting above-normal temperatures for all of Colorado.

Denver is a similar story. NOAA is forecasting normal to slightly above normal snowfall in the city. The Mile High City normally sees 57.3 inches of snow on average in winter.

Normal snowfall and plenty of windy days are expected in the city this winter.