Denver girl donates stuffed animals to police

DENVER -- An 8-year-old Denver girl has given the Denver Police Department a new weapon to help comfort children in traumatic situations.

Destiny Martinez donated dozens of her stuffed animals to the department.

"I gave them away to the police station to give them away to kids who are in a car accident or see something really scary," the girl said.

She got the idea after she was in a car accident earlier this year.

"She was scared, she was crying, she didn't want to move," the girl's mother Grace Martinez said. "The officers kept her in the car to keep her safe."

So, with the help of her mom, Destiny gathered up five bags full of stuffed animals and took them to the police department.

She asked the officers to keep them in the trunks of their patrol cars to give to other children who might need them.

"They can just give them a stuffed animal and tell them you're alright, you got a stuffed animal, calm down," Destiny said.

Officers are extremely impressed that Destiny came up with this idea to help them out.

"I think it’s phenomenal," officer Wesley Keelan said. "For her to come up with simple idea, we would’ve never thought of that, goes to show, in order to relate to kids, you have to think like a kid."

Police have handed out several of the stuffed animals and they say it makes a big difference in comforting little ones who have experienced a scary situation.

"We had an incident where we had info on a wanted party," Keelan said. "There was an 8-year-old little girl who was pretty upset and didn’t know what was going on. She was frightened.

"As we were doing investigation, I could see she was still crying and upset. I went to grab one of the bears and tried to put a smile on her face."

And that brings a smile to Destiny's face.

"I just wanted to be kind and nice to the kids that saw all that stuff," she said.

Police posted the story on their Facebook page on Wednesday, and Martinez said they have received and overwhelming response.

She said Destiny plans to continue collecting stuffed animals and will donate more in the near future.