Study: Colorado couples argue less than those in other states

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DENVER — Maybe it’s the elevation or something else, but it seems couples in Colorado get into fewer arguments than many couples living in other states, according to a study.

Mattress Clarity did a study to find out how often couples argue and how many of those arguments end with one person sleeping on the couch or in another room.

“The states which have the most amicable couples, who have the fewest number of arguments per month, include Alaska, Maine, Oklahoma, South Dakota and West Virginia — they all tied at just nine arguments a month, perhaps meaning that they’re incredibly tolerant, laid back, or are just so used to any faults that they aren’t phased by them anymore,” Mattress Clarity said.

Their study found Colorado couples argue an average of 14 times per month, which is lower than the national average of 19.

“The prize for the most argumentative state goes to Delaware. Couples there have a staggering 73 arguments per month (over two arguments per day) — frankly, that just sounds exhausting,” according to Mattress Clarity.

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