RTD bus slams into house after colliding with another vehicle

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DENVER -- An RTD bus crashed into the front of house at East 45th Avenue and Josephine Street in Denver late Tuesday afternoon, the Denver Fire Department said.

Four people went to a hospital with minor injuries, officials said.

Cassie Fernandez live in the house. She was not there, but a friend called to tell her what happened. Her thoughts immediately went to her children.

"I'm thinking the worst, because my kids play outside constantly, so I was thinking about my kids before anything," she said.

Neighbors said it happened when another vehicle hit the bus.

"I heard she ran the stop sign and the truck she was driving had no brakes ... so, the bus no choice but to swerve over into my house," Fernandez said.

Her children were next door at the time and out of harm's way.

It took several hours for crews to remove the bus and stabilize the front of the house.

Neighbors said there was another crash there a couple of weeks ago and now is the time to make the intersection a four-way stop.

"Pay attention. We do have kids that live here. Don't drive fast. It could've been a kid that got hurt," Fernandez said.

Fernandez is thankful no one was in the house when the bus hit it.

"I'm happy that my husband wasn't home, I'm happy my mom wasn't here, I'm just happy that no one was in the house," she said.

The Red Cross was helping the family Tuesday night.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.