New life for Olde Town Arvada

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ARVADA, Colo. -- One of the biggest communities in the metro-area to see a lot of redevelopment over the last few years is Olde Town Arvada.

Within the last two years, more than a dozen new businesses have popped up, including some owned by Scott Spears.

“So we own ‘Scrumptious’ which was our first store,” he said.

Spears created ‘Scrumptious’ 7 years ago. In the years that followed he also opened ‘School House Kitchen Libations’, ‘Sock’ and ‘Super Zoom Bang Bang’.

Next year, Spears plans to open a 5th business: a new restaurant in Olde Town Arvada.

“Arvada is awesome and I wanted to keep making it better,” he said.

Each of Spears’ businesses is different from the others. That’s important to him.

“The more people we can get down here, the better everyone is going to do and the cooler Arvada is going to get!” Spears said.

To learn more about the growth being seen in Olde Town Arvada, select ‘play’ on the video above and watch Kevin TorresUnique 2 Colorado series.

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