Family with ties to Colorado loses home in California wildfire

DENVER -- A family with Colorado connections has been displaced by the recent string of Northern California wildfires. Their Napa home was destroyed by the fast-moving flames.

P.J. Ringenberger, his wife Laura and their two children are now without a place to call home.

P.J.’s sister, Corey Gines, said her brother’s family moved from the Denver area about 10 years ago. Gines still lives in Colorado.

“They literally thought the fire would be put out,” Gines said. “[They thought they’d] be back in the morning.”

But the Ringenbergers weren’t that lucky. Gines is doing her part from Colorado by raising money on GoFundMe to help the family of four replace what was lost.

A majority of the fire that destroyed the Ringenbergers’ home is now contained, but the journey to normalcy still seems nearly impossible.

“It’s going to be ever-present -- the fire -- for years to come,” P.J. Ringenberger said.

The family has renters insurance, but the policy only covers so much. They are staying with friends as they look for another place to call home.