Members of 461st Air Force bomb wing gather for reunion in Denver

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DENVER -- Members of the 461st bomb wing gathered in a hotel conference room near Denver International Airport this weekend to reflect on their missions decades ago.

After being tasked with one of the most serious tasks the country has ever asked of its citizens, the 10 men represent the 461st bombardment wing -- airmen charged with flying b-52's during the Cold War and in Vietnam.

The planes carried some of the most deadly weapons known to man.

But these memories are fading as the 461st is now losing about 10 percent of its members every two years. These men and their wives have gathered the past 30 years -- in various cities.

But this gathering in Denver was bittersweet. It was perhaps the last full-fledged reunion these veterans will ever hold.

America's greatest generation -- gathering together one last time to share a friendship -- and a bond -- words can't quite describe.

The 461st was based out of Amarillo Air Force Base from 1961 to 1968.

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