Tech Junkie: Tips & Tricks To Use YouTube like a pro

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YouTube recently updated their web interface and their mobile apps with a new look and some new features.  What you  may not know is that there are also new ways that you can use YouTube that you might not be taking advantage of.  Here are some YouTube tips & tricks that will make the most popular video site on the ‘net even easier to use.

Quick Access to Related Videos

You can now quickly jump to related videos in the mobile app by tapping on the screen while you're watching a fullscreen video.  This brings up related videos in a carousel on the bottom.  If you're going down a YouTube rabbit hole, this is a perfect way to jump around between related videos.

Quick Seeking 10 Seconds

This is probably my favorite not-so-well-known YouTube feature!  Jump ahead or back by 10 seconds at a time in any video by double tapping the right or left of a video in fullscreen.  This is an easy way to skip or re-watch parts of any video.

(image courtesy YouTube)

Change The Speed

There are those times when you need to watch a 20 minute video in 15 minutes.  Seems impossible, right?  Turns out, you can speed up a YouTube video.  It's a desktop feature that is now on mobile too.  Just tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select a new speed.  You can also slow down a video for those times when you just can't follow along with a recipe or craft fast enough.

Don't Be Fooled By A Thumbnail!

Those thumbnails when you're searching for a video on YouTube are supposed to give you an idea of what you're about to click on.  Sometimes they do, sometimes you get duped!  Never again.  YouTube recently added the ability to hover your mouse over a thumbnail and get a quick preview of the video.  This is a great way to spot check a video before you actually click it.
(image courtesy YouTube)

Save Videos For Later

This a great feature that I just recently started using.  If you spot a video that you want to watch but maybe you don't have time, maybe you're at work and it's not exactly a work video - click on the Watch Later icon.  It basically saves that video to a playlist called "Watch Later" that helps remind you to check it out at a better time.

Power To The Keyboard!

Keyboard shortcuts have always been a fast and easy way to navigate your favorite computer software - YouTube is no exception.  Most people have no idea there are keyboard shortcuts beyond the simple space bar to pause and unpause a video.  Here are a few that will speed up your YouTube viewing time.

  • The numbered keys seek video progress!  E.g. Hitting “2” will take you 20% into the video, “6” will take you to 60% into the video, “0” will restart the video (0%)
  • K will pause or play video
  • J will rewind 10 seconds
  • L will fast-forward 10 seconds
  • M will mute / unmute

Who Has Time For Commercials?

There is no easy way to skip the ads.  It is, afterall, how YouTube makes money.  What you should know is that if you pay $10/month to subscribe to the Google Music Unlimited service you get YouTube Red for free.  Red removes ads from YouTube videos!  Sure, you're still paying for a service but $10 for Google Music is the same you'd pay for Apple Music or Spotify and you get the bonus of YouTube Red.