Students mad school shut down all but four bathrooms, say entire population punished for vandalism

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Students from Ralston Valley High School said they are angry school administration shut down all but four bathrooms to students after several vandalism incidents.

School Principal Gavan Goodrich said the decision was made to close bathrooms Monday following several vandalism incidents. Students said Friday the decision has lead to long lines in the bathroom and students have been late to class this week.

"I think it's really unfair just because the rest of the school shouldn't be punished for the action of one person, especially if we don't know who that one person is. They're trying to smoke them out and it's not working very well," said Patrick McMahon, a senior at Ralston Valley High School.

Senior Austin White said it's 300 feet from the furthest wing of the school to the closest bathroom, so the closures violate Colorado law which mandates bathrooms be within 200 feet of a classroom.

"It just didn't really make sense," said White. "I think they need to open the bathrooms and find a different way to manage it. And I don't care how, but it's ridiculous."

"I just think they are handling it really poorly," said Ella Overton, a senior at Ralston Valley High School.

A spokesperson for Jefferson County School District said the staff is using this 'short-term strategy' to teach students about expected behavior. The closures also give school administration a chance to monitor students' behavior.

"I invite students to bring the issue forward so we may have a discussion about ways to work together to encourage students to show respect for our school," said Goodrich in a statement.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers spoke with Goodrich Friday afternoon. He said he was unaware the closures had caused these issues for students. All bathrooms will now be re-opened on Monday.