Colorado College professor recounts 1984 bathtub encounter with Harvey Weinstein

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A flood of sexual assault and misconduct accusations against producer Harvey Weinstein have rocked Hollywood in recent days.

Actresses and models, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Multiple women are even accusing him of rape, which Weinstein has denied through a spokeswoman.

Weinstein is heading to rehab, his wife is divorcing him and his namesake studio Weinstein Company has fired him.

One of his accusers, Tomi-Ann Roberts, spoke Wednesday about an alleged encounter with Weinstein in 1984 when she was an aspiring actress.

Roberts has been a psychology professor at Colorado College for 23 years. She said he invited her over to discuss a movie role.

When she arrived, she said Weinstein was naked in a bathtub and urged her to join him, which she did not.

"I look back on the 20-year-old that I was then, and I'm not sure -- I had some kind of -- there was some quiet voice inside of me that whispered 'Get out now,' but I will confess that I was very polite about it, and I apologized to the man," Roberts said.

"I took it on myself that I was somebody who just wasn't, wasn't cool enough or courageous enough to do something like this. It took a long time for me to recognize that that was a sick power play.

"That was me not cooperating with something that's cool and fun. That was me being coerced to do something demeaning.

"But at the time, that was very hard to know. I got myself out of there, but I got myself out of there by talking my way out.

"I got out of this apartment and I ended up going to a pay phone and calling my then-boyfriend at the time.

"And a bunch of college students were pursuing internship-style dreams that summer, and over the years, as you might imagine, there are not a lot of opportunities.

"The say something like the casting caption is real, and certainly over. Oh, it has been 33 years, it's hard to imagine, but there have been several friends that I confided this happened to me. It's hard.

"You need to find the right audience and feel safe that somebody is going to believe you."

Roberts researches sexual objectification at Colorado College.

In a statement, the Weinstein Company board expressed shock and dismay at the allegations.

The board also denied having had any knowledge of Weinstein's alleged misconduct.