Aurora good Samaritans duped by car thief

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AURORA, Colo. -- An Aurora couple said they were duped by a car thief after trying to show compassion and kindness to a woman in need.

Rachel Bachman's boyfriend spotted a woman on the light rail recently, barefoot, shivering and clearly distraught.

"She just had a blanket. She looks run down like she hit a bad patch, so we offered her a hot meal, a hot shower and a chance to clean her clothes," Bachman said.

That generosity snowballed when Bachman and her boyfriend then agreed to let the stranger stay a couple of nights in their apartment.

It's a decision they now regret.

"My blood is boiling right now, just looking at that girl's face," Bachman said.


Bachman said the woman, who goes by Abby or Matia, snuck out of their apartment with the keys to their Jeep.

"We were leaving to go pumpkin picking with my daughter. We only have one car. She took the one thing I had," Bachman said.

The Aurora Police Department is investigating, and hopes the theft will dissuade other good Samaritans from putting themselves in danger.

"I would caution people about letting strangers into your home and letting them stay the night," police spokesman Bill Hummel said.

It's a lesson Bachman and her boyfriend have learned the hard way. They're hoping someone will spot their Jeep, but they're not holding their breath.

"There are a bunch of stickers all over it," Bachman said.

The Jeep is black and has temporary tags on it. The license plate number is 715-652T.

Police say Aurora has seen a spike in car thefts in recent months. The city is averaging around 47 motor vehicle thefts every week.

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