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So, these three bears walk into an Italian restaurant …

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ESTES PARK, Colo. -- Antonio's Real New York Pizza has been a big hit in Estes Park for four years.

"Our flour comes from Italy which is a big piece of this. One of the best flours in the world," owner Antonio DeSousa said.

DeSousa's joint ought to be good; he's New York born and raised.

"We took the kids out of school for a month and came out here and just traveled and tried to figure out would we really want to live here," he said. "Here we are, 11 years later."

They say a great dough makes a great pizza. At Antonio's it's irresistible.

Just ask the three bears who broke into the restaurant after hours. They could smell that pie a mile high.

"They were able to pull open this window and knock the screen out. In the video, you see the screen flying out," DeSousa said.

And three hungry bears went flying in.

"I believe they climbed on the bench, ripped the window open and just climbed in," DeSousa said.

The big burgling bruin was not alone. She and the two others were her cubs.

Once inside, they feasted like they were going to hibernate or something.

"Momma bear opened this like you and I with hands, and just pulled out the dough," DeSousa said.

After dinner, they washed down the food with olive oil and garlic bottles.

DeSousa doesn't want the bears destroyed, but he hopes pizza will not be on their list of the bear necessities.