Colorado DACA recipients not pleased with Trump’s demands

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DENVER -- President Donald Trump has outlined his demands for allowing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients to stay in the United States.

If Congress doesn't act, 17,000 people who live in Colorado will be subject to deportation when the six-month grace period expires on March 5.

Some of the demands include funding for a border wall, a crackdown on minors from Central America and a curb in funding for sanctuary cities.

"I find it very disheartening that my community is being used as a bargaining chip," said Mateo Lozano, a Colorado DACA recipient.

Lozano came to the United States as a child from Colombia with his family and is encouraging Republicans in Congress not to take the president's deal.

"I myself as a DACA recipient do not wish to accept this debacle of a DREAM Act," Lozano said.

Already, top Democrats are saying what the president has offered is a nonstarter.

Steve Barlock, a gubernatorial candidate and former Denver Trump Campaign co-chairman, said Trump supporters need border security if they are going to support DACA recipients' citizenship.

"We just can't let people pass through our country, without knowing what they are all about," Barlock said.