Getting ready for snow season

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DENVER -- The first snowstorm of the season arrives late Sunday.

October is a time when weather conditions change fast.

“We recommend those tires be installed prior to Halloween,” Ken Gilsdorf at Big O Tires said.

There are a lot of snow and winter tires to choose from, including tires with and without studs.

“You’re going to want a studable tire when you’re dealing with a lot of ice and extreme cold,” Gilsdorf said.

If you only visit the mountains every now and then, tires with studs probably aren't the way to go.

“Studs will actually, on a dry day where you don’t have any ice, you’ll give up traction versus a tire without studs," Gilsdorf said.

Gilsdorf said it's also a good idea to check a vehicle's coolant and wiper blades.

It's also normal for tire pressure to drop when it's cold outside.

Soggy and snowy weather can also affect flowers.

“It can stress the plant out,” Christine Hise at City Floral Garden Center said.

With temperatures about to take a turn, consider what Hise calls a plant blanket. Grab some garden staples and plants should be good to go.

“The key to using it is tuck in underneath so if the wind picks up, it doesn’t blow it off,” Hise said.

Try to get things ready sooner instead of later. Tire shops say things start to book up right around Thanksgiving.