Las Vegas attack can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder

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DENVER -- Thirty-year-old Jennifer Burch is a full-time journalism major in college. She also volunteers her time and she loves Colorado.

Not too long ago, she was a U.S. Air Force staff sergeant. She was a volunteer combat medic in Afghanistan.

No longer on the battlefield,  she still fights post-traumatic stress disorder every day.

"Five years from now you could hear a gunshot and be triggered and hit the ground," she said.

Hundreds hit the ground in Las Vegas, fearing for their lives. One of those people was Jenna Hutchins, one of Burch's best friends. She escaped with her life and was not wounded.

Events like Las Vegas can have a ripple effect on PTSD veterans such as Burch.

Burch said PTSD is a battle that will never really be won.

"It's a darkness on your life," she said.

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