How to be a peacemaker in your community

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DENVER -- The violence in Las Vegas has left many feeling helpless and wondering what can be done to change the sometimes scary world.

One Colorado author says don't give up.

“We are not powerless. We can make changes. We can change our community,” said Myra Isenhart, the author of  "Forgiving Others, Forgiving Ourselves: Understanding and Healing Our Emotional Wounds."

She suggests taking practical steps to be peacemakers.

“All of us, regardless of what we do, have opportunities in our personal relationships, and I believe in changing the world one relationship at a time,” Isenhart said.

She explains people have the power to change the way to resolve daily conflicts.

People help promote peace and forgiveness for ourselves, our family, our workplace, school, and community, and hope it spreads.

“Listen. Talk. And work it out,” Isenhart said.

At times like this, it can be hard to shake the feeling. But we can turn that fear into motivation for possibly a project at work or school. We can call start small and make a difference around us.

Parents can help their children find ways to positively affect the world around them. Perhaps they can donate their time or money to a cause.

“My philosophy is lighting the candle, rather than cursing the darkness,” Isenhart said.

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