Photos: Seaway at the Marquis Theater

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Denver — Seaway brought a whole lot of fun to the Marquis Theater last week. They’re touring to support their latest record Vacation, out now with Four Year Strong and continuing to tour with Silverstein in November. Check them out. Guitarist Patrick Carleton said, “we’ve been playing a few new ones. I think the song “Apartment” is my favorite right now. That was the first single off our new record.”

Singer Ryan Locke explains the show this way, “Expect a good time. We like to have fun, we like to party hard on stage and we hope for that for the crowd too. It’s always a lively show from our end and from the crowd too.” Ryan came on stage wearing sunglasses, ready for flash bulbs and the party went off. The crowd swayed, danced, pogo’ed and it was good clean fun. Ryan says he enjoys, “the second single we put out, which is “Something Wonderful.” Just a fun song to play. Playing another song called, “Lula on the Beach” is a lot of fun too.”

If you haven’t seen them since the new record dropped check them out, “Basically we’ve been playing the same kind of set for two years since the last album came out. We just put out Vacation. We’ve really been trying to play a lot of new stuff and it’s nice playing new stuff after two years of playing the same stuff,” Ryan said.

They played tunes spanning all their records, “Slam,” “ShyGuys,” “Something Wonderful,” “Trick,” “Freak,” “Apartment,” “Stubborn Love,” “Lula on the Beach,” “Best Mistake,” and “Airhead.”

On recording the new record Patrick said, “It was definitely the most prepared we’ve ever been to record an album. We did a week of preproduction with a buddy of ours Derek Hoffman. We did a week outside of Boston with Al and Dan from Four Years Strong and then it was a few months after that we went and did the record in L.A. with Kyle Black and Mike Green. Just having a couple weeks “prepro,” going in with a bunch of demos, we pretty much just pounded them out. A really smooth process.”

Seaway has a sound that follows in the vein of New Found Glory, All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer. Their records are clean, poppy and fun. Their performance was polished, energetic and crowd pleasing. They delivered on the promise to “expect a good time” at their show and their preparedness for recording shines through on Vacation. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and iTunes, as well as, all over the places you find your music.