Slacklining growing in popularity in Colorado as cities loosen rules

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Slacklining is growing in popularity across the country and Boulder is now considered the "mecca" of the sport.

Slacklining is when people walk or balance along a tight rope between trees. In extreme cases, people will do it over canyons or valleys.

The sport is similar to tightrope walking, but slacklines have a different type of material used. They are also tensioned less than tightropes or tightwires so the line will stretch and bounce easier.

Despite its growing popularity, slacklining is illegal at most parks and in most cities. Boulder just recently made it legal with some regulations and now allow it at eight parks around the city.

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There are some regulations around it though - such as the length of the line and protections for the trees, but more cities are catching on to the trend.

In Denver, Slacklining is currently only allowed at Harvard Gulch park where they built a slacklining area complete with poles.

"The regulations we have in place in Boulder right now are and even in Denver are a good start," said Tyler Shalvarjian, an avid slackliner who was actually fined by Boulder before the regulations where put into place.

"They could use some work," Shalverjian said about the regulations. "They don't suit every slackliners needs, but definitely for the beginner and intermediate level slackliners - it's a great start. And I think it can get better from here."