Driver says rising shrubs in intersection are hazard for drivers

ARVADA, Colo. -- An Arvada man said growing shrubs at the intersection of West 52nd Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard are decreasing visibility, presenting a hazard for drivers on the road.

Lester R. Strasbaugh was recently ticketed after he pulled onto Wadsworth Boulevard from 52nd Avenue and he got stuck in the intersection. Strasbaugh plans to fight the ticket, saying the real offenders are the growing shrubs and intersection design that hindered him from seeing cars already on Wadsworth so he couldn't tell if he'd have enough room to clear the intersection until he was already in the intersection.

"You feel unease because I've done it a lot. I feel uneasy because I know it can happen," said Strasbaugh.

The Colorado Department of Transportation owns and manages the median but the city of Arvada planted the shrubs. The FOX31 Problem Solvers contacted both parties. CDOT said it will send a traffic engineer to assess the shrubs and see if they need to be trimmed.

"I think somebody ought to take ownership of it," said Strasbaugh.

According to statistics provided by Arvada Police Department, there have been 90 traffic citations issued since January 2017 but only has been issued to a driver for blocking the intersection.