Levi’s, Google releasing new smart jacket

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google and Levi’s have teamed up to create a high-tech “smart” jacket that connects to the internet and your phone.

It’s called the Commuter Trucker Jacket with Jacquard and will cost $350.

The jacket targets people who commute by bike, and it works with iOS and Android. It allows users to receive messages, send calls to voicemail, control music and hear directions while biking.

Jacquard is the new technology in the jacket developed by Google. The jacket uses newly designed conductive fabric to allow the jacket to send data and power without the need for wires.

However, the denim jacket was designed to only last up to 10 washes, according to reports. It’s unclear if the fabric stops working after the 11th wash.

The companies started working on this idea two years ago

The jacket will be available at a handful of boutique shops starting on Wednesday, USA Today reports. It becomes available at select Levi’s stores and online on Oct. 2.