‘Jeopardy!’ NFL category goes wrong when contestants fail to name a single team

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LOS ANGELES — We can all agree that you have to be ridiculously smart to be on “Jeopardy!” and that contestants know a lot about different topics. But contestants on Monday’s show didn’t know much about the NFL.

All contestants left the “NFL teams by Hall of Famer” category for last and once they failed to name a single NFL team, it became apparent why they saved it for last.

None of the contestants attempted to answer a question about “Mean Joe” Greene, but on the next clue, Marcus Allen, one contestant stepped up to the plate.

The contestant, Anupama, guessed “Colorado Rockies” — which is, of course, a Major League Baseball team in Denver, not an NFL team.

Allen played for the Los Angeles Raiders. Luckily for the contestants, the time expired on the round after that.

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