Rural Colorado hospital fears it will have to shut down

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Ambulance in Hugo, Colorado

DENVER — There are big concerns in rural communities across Colorado over the future of their hospitals.

They fear their medical facilities are at risk of shutting down if they lose too many Medicaid dollars.

Melissa Memorial CEO, Trampas Hutches says, “It’s a very big threat.” referring to a republican led effort to overhaul Obamacare.

Melissa Memorial is the only hospital for miles around the tiny town of Holyoke, in northeast Colorado. The population is 2,300.

Trampas also fears having to increase charges for various services and cut others that aren’t possible.

The Colorado Hospital Association says many small hospitals are also at risk.

Big city hospitals like Denver Health and Children’s Hospital Colorado could also take a big hit if Medicaid dollars go away.

Children’s says the cuts could be devastating to the families they serve.

Curtis Plummer says “it’s tough” and could get worse if the proposed bill passes.

Plummer, who we caught up with on the 16th Street Mall, says he won’t be able to afford some types of medical services if he loses Medicaid.

Colorado Hospital Association spokesperson Julie Lonborg says people will end up in emergency rooms if they lose their Medicaid.

Melissa Memorial Hospital’s mission is to serve everyone.

They’re now hoping to continue serving the community.

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