Broncos’ Brandon Marshall gets mixed up again for Giants WR

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DENVER — Some people on the internet are having a difficult time distinguishing Brandon Marshall the linebacker for the Broncos and Brandon Marshall the wide receiver for the New York Giants.

One incident happened on Monday night during the Giants’ loss to the Detroit Lions when angry Giants fans mistakenly took out their anger on the Broncos defensive star.

And he had fun responding to them.

But the Broncos linebacker was a victim of another mix-up on Wednesday when Essence Magazine tweeted out a link to their interview with the Giants wide receiver with a photo of Denver’s Marshall.

And the mistake did not go unnoticed by the Broncos star.

Even the Giants’ Brandon Marshall got in on the mix-up.

Essence Magazine deleted the tweet but not before the rest of the internet captured it and took caught on quickly.

Hopefully one day we will live in a world where two NFL players can have the same name and no one gets confused.