Young Entreprenuers

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Siblings Lily and Noal Blessing prove that anyone can be an entrepreneur—you just need drive and creativity.

Lily started making pocket-sized dolls to provide comfort and support during her and Noal’s doctor visits and hospital stays.  She had always given them away to friends, but was motivated to start selling them so that she could purchase a racing wheelchair for Noal.  Using donated materials, she set a goal of making five dolls a week, including fairies, princesses and her favorite dolls, those with special needs.


In less than a year, Lily reached her goal of raising $4,000.  She is looking forward to helping Noal, who is responsible for packaging, marketing and sales of the dolls, race in a new wheelchair this fall.

“Everybody needs a buddy,” says Lily, who’s favorite part of the business is putting a smile on people’s faces.  “I want to help other people get the equipment they need and know that anything is possible.”


Lily (age 16), Chloe (15), and Sophie (12) Warren - Sweet Bee Sisters


Sweet Bee Sisters started with a problem—what to do with leftover beeswax from their parents’ two beehives. The sisters decided to turn the beeswax into lip balm, and the business grew from there. Eight years, 20 stores, and more than 20,000 tubes later, Lily, Chloe and Sophie are an inspiration to their siblings and to other youth business owners.

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