Colorado teenager starts raising money for Mexico City earthquake relief

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DENVER -- Mexico remains in shambles tonight after Tuesday's deadly earthquake. More than 200 people are daed and that number continues to rise. That part of the world is in need right now, and one Colorado girl wants to help them.

Mexico City means everything to one Westminster family. The parents were both born and raised there. Jennifer, their daughter, has spent a good amount of time in Mexico as well. When she saw the turmoil, and images coming out of Mexico, she knew she had to help.

“I was working on some homework when I thought of like hey, what if I did something,” 10th grader Jennifer Torres said. “I decided, there’s Go Fund Me, so I decided I’d start with Go Fund Me, and see where it went from there.”

She's collecting money for people affected by the earthquake. A cause that's near and dear to her parents' hearts.

“When you see, what’s happening, it’s like you remember everything,” Jennifer's mom, Ivonne Anzures said.

Her parents know all too well how devastating earthquakes can be. They both survived the 1985 earthquake in Mexico city. The same earthquake that hit exactly 32 years before this most recent one. The same earthquake that killed thousands of people.

“It’s like you remember everything,” Anzures said. “It’s very emotional.”

Anzures says Mexico is home and the people there need help. They're proud to know their daughter is taking part in the relief efforts.

“I know I’m young, but I really really want to change the world,” Torres said.

The Torres' say all of their family is OK.

Jennifer has a couple hundred dollars in donations, but could use some more.

She has plans to give the money to an organization in Mexico.

If you want to help click here for the GoFundMe link.

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