Barista and customer support each other during Hurricane Maria

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DENVER -- Hurricane Maria brings together two Denver residents in an unusual way.  A man holding out hope for his father in Puerto Rico bonds with a woman fearing for her family in Dominica.

It all started over coffee.

Sebastian Legner is waiting to hear from his father who lives at Sebastian's coffee farm in Puerto Rico.

He tearfully tells FOX31, “I'm worried about my little farm up in the mountains. I'm worried about my dad and workers.”

Sebastian is a barista at the Urban Mix Coffee House behind Coors Field, nearly 3,000  miles from the path of the hurricane but just across the street from the home of one of his favorite customers.

Dezra Peltier-Babb is a microbiologist from Dominica, one of the other areas hit by the hurricane.

It turns out they both were surprised to learn that they are both from the island region and in need of support.

“People are worried about their families, you just hope for the best,” she said.

Dezra provided video to FOX31 (sent by her cousin) showing areas demolished by the hurricane.

She says she has heard from one family member, and learned of a friend’s struggle. “She was sitting on her stove because the house was flooded.”

Dezra says she and her husband Brad continue to wait for more news from the area, but it could be days or weeks before communication lines are open.

In the meantime, Sebastian has been a wonderful friend to them both.

“He's been through hurricanes himself so he knows what it's like.”

Sebastian says Dezra offers him advice as well. “She says stop looking at Facebook because you're going to go crazy.”

They both say the hardest part is waiting for news.

“I wish I could be there with them, suffering with them because at least I know they are with me,” Sebastian said.

They find a way to get through each day. Dezra smiles as she explains, “we drink a lot of coffee!”  Sebastian has her favorite order ready when she comes in, “cappuccino extra hot 190 degrees.”

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