Pregnant woman revived with Narcan overdoses again less than an hour later

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PHILADELPHIA — A pregnant woman who overdosed on heroin was revived with two doses of Narcan and then overdosed again less than an hour later.

A stranger saw the unconscious pregnant woman and alerted transit officers, who administered the Narcan, WPVI TV reported.

The woman didn’t want any kind of medical treatment and refused to go to the hospital. She got up and left the area, WPVI reported.

But less than an hour later, the officers found the woman lying on the sidewalk unconscious. The two officers picked her up and drove her to a hospital, WPVI reported.

“Woman, app 7mos pregnant, given Narcan by Transit Police for heroin OD. Refused transport to hospital. 40 minutes later she OD’d again,”┬áSEPTA Police Lt. Thomas Nestel III tweeted.

“In a situation like this can she be involuntarily committed to a hospital or facility that could help her? My heart aches for her & the baby,” one Twitter user asked.

“That question has been bounced around among attorneys guiding 1st responders on whether invol treatment is permitted. Not looking promising,” Nestel answered.

Another SEPTA lieutenant called the situation “absolutely devastating.”

“It’s heartbreaking to see this happen. I am a father, I can only think about my own children. [When] something like this happens, it’s a terrible issue,”┬áSEPTA Police Lt. Michael Fox was quoted as saying.


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