‘Come say that to my face’: Broncos’ Brandon Marshall responds to angry fans who meant to tweet Giants WR

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DENVER — There’s two guys named Brandon Marshall in the NFL – one is a linebacker for the Broncos and the other is a wide receiver for the New York Giants.

Both players are on Twitter, the Giants receiver is @BMarshall and the Broncos linebacker is @BMarshh54.

But despite the latter’s Twitter bio saying “SuperBowl 50 champ” and “#BroncosUp” – fans continue to mistake the Broncos defensive star .

The angry tweets started coming as the Giants struggled against the Detroit Lions on Monday night. It was a game in which wide receiver Brandon Marshall dropped almost every pass that came his way. Β He caught one pass for 17 yards.

The Broncos linebacker took some pleasure though in trolling the angry Giants fans who misdirected their frustration at him.

It didn’t take long for the rest of Twitter to get in on the fun while poking fun at the Giants.

The Giants receiver started his NFL career in Denver from 2006 to 2009 before being traded to the Miami Dolphins. Linebacker Brandon Marshall has been with the Broncos since 2013.

As Bleacher Report points out, it’s possible most casual fans are more familiar with the Giants wide receiver because most fantasy football players don’t draft individual defenders.

But, if you decide to direct Twitter anger at someone, at least make sure you have the right person.

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