Park Hill neighbors shocked by burglars bold moves in broad daylight

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DENVER -- Park Hill neighbors said they're shocked by burglars making bold moves in broad daylight peeking in windows and entering homes while people are home.

Kevin Keller and his wife were at home when people entered into their home and stole two cell phones, a wallet and car keys. Kevin Keller was in the basement with his dog while his wife was outside in the yard. He said they had their front door unlocked as they were going in and out of the door, doing tasks around the home.

"I hadn't heard anything like this before, while people are home they would come and do this kind of thing," said Keller.

Within 30 minutes, he and his wife realized their cell phones were gone. As he went to call the phone company, he realized his wallet and keys were missing. He was surprised by the burglars audacity; the thieves knew people were home.

"I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it," said Keller.

A few blocks away, Keller's neighbor Colin Wayne watched through a surveillance camera as two people approached his home and pointed at the windows.

"They came up to the back door and they just kind of looked at it. They were peering inside and then they kind of casually just walked out," said Wayne.

Denver police said investigators have not noticed an uptick in burglaries in the area. In fact, statistics show burglaries in North Park Hill are down 48 percent compared to this time last year. Still, neighbors said they've noticed that the criminals who continue to burglarize are getting more bold.

The incident happened Sunday evening. Wayne was surprised by the time of day the people approached the home, considering how many people are at home and around on an early Sunday evening.

"It was definitely very strange. It was kind of delayed at first in terms of how I felt and then it was slight panic I would say because I'm not home and I didn't know if my wife was inside," said Wayne.

Kevin Keller said after the incident, he and his wife have now decided to keep the doors of their home locked at all times, not matter what.

"We just feel that if you go outside, you've got to have whatever end of the house you're not at needs to be locked, which is totally sad ," said Keller.

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