Could Republicans repeal Obamacare with new bill?

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DENVER -- A new healthcare reform bill has emerged that could very well pass the United States Senate.

The Graham-Cassidy bill as it is called eliminates mandates on having insurance as well eliminating mandates that employers offer it.

The big change? Block grants.

Currently, when the federal government gives states money it often dictates how they have to spend it. Under this proposal states would be given essentially a blank check, permitting them to spend it however they wish.


"It's the best and last hope for the Republican Party to show that we have ideas," Graham said when introducing the measure last week.

Last time, the United States Senate missed out on repealing the Affordable Care Act by just one vote. Sen. John McCain who was a "no" back then -- he is currently undecided with this bill.

"I really thought it was over," Reyna Ulibarri, a Medicaid recipient in Colorado said -- commenting on the fact healthcare is back in the news.

Ulibarri said as the bill is currently written Colorado would lose more federal funding than they currently have -- meaning more cuts.

"I really feel like we are being manipulated," Ulibarri said.

"In the end it just means less money which means less healthcare coverage," Ulibarri added.

Currently, Colorado Republican leaders Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman are undecided on the bill officially.


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