Apartment fire in Aurora sends 5 people to the hospital

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AURORA, Colo. -- Five people went to the hospital after a large fire at an apartment complex in Aurora early Monday morning.

Officials with Aurora Fire Rescue said they got the call at about 2 a.m.

When firefighters got to the building at the corner of East 12th Avenue and Dallas Street there was "heavy fire" on all three floors, officials said.

Two people were trapped by the flames and firefighters had to use ladders to rescue people from the burning building, officials with Aurora Fire Rescue said.

Officials said the victims had "minor to severe injuries."

No firefighters were hurt.

Before he took this cell phone video Jefet Arreola says he was awakened by a fire alarm. He opened his door and saw flames shooting down his hall. So he jumped out his first floor window while calling 911.

"I start hearing like all the people screaming by the windows trying to jump out and all this stuff it's like people jumped out their windows? Yeah I think like two peoples they jump out the windows," Arreola said.

He and a neighbor ran to a nearby truck and grabbed paint ladders to help people on the second and third floors.

"We put like ladders by the windows to help people come down," Arreola said.

Arson investigators using a specially trained dog spent all day on Monday gathering evidence from the apartment building where all 12 units were either burned or heavily smoke damaged.

Several of the 18 residents said the fire started in the first floor laundry room, which is right next to the main entrance. But the official cause is under investigation.

One family said they heard a disturbance by that entrance just before the alarms went off.

"Some people were fighting outside about a car and then the fire started spreading like all around," Jesus Olivas Cordova said.

Both building management and the Red Cross were helping the displaced residents find shelter.

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