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Immigration grants woman 30 days to make arrangements after Hickenlooper refuses pardon

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Ingrid Encalada Latorre

DENVER — Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Thursday refused a request for a pardon to immigrant Ingrid Encalada Latorre one day before her stay of deportation expired.

Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officially granted Ingrid 30 more days to make arrangements.

“I appreciate Immigration and Customs Enforcement granting me and my family time,” said Latorre. “My son Bryant’s passport has not yet arrived and my son Anibal has just been ordered to see an eye specialist at Children’s Hospital. The appointments there are booked into October.”

LaTorre pleaded guilty to identify theft in 2010 after she bought a name and Social Security number to get a job. She then failed to leave the United States as she had agreed after a federal immigration judge granted her “voluntary departure.”

“The crime that Ms. Encalada LaTorre committed was not victimless — far from it,” Hickenlooper said at the time he denied the request. “Granting Ms. Encalada LaTorre’s application would compound the injustice of this unfortunate situation, and it would be a step backward in the fight for smart, compassionate and comprehensive immigration reform.”

Latoree disagreed, saying “I have shown with my actions the remorse I have for the impact of my action on the document’s owner. This was the only way for me to work and sustain my family, but it does not change the impact on her.”

Latorre had been one of dozens of immigrant leaders across the country who claimed sanctuary in churches to protect themselves, and keep their families together, in the face of the U.S. government’s attempts to deport them.

“We will continue to stand with Ingrid,” said David Poundstone of Mountain View Friends Meeting, where Latorre took sanctuary. “Her determination and humility, have made visible the way in which immigrants are deeply woven into our community. We call on Congress to take action to stop the breaking up of Ingrid’s family and to change our laws to preserve that tapestry, to recognize the sanctity and stability of family.”