5 suspects make off with $100,000 worth of jewelry in Aspen

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ASPEN, Colo. — Aspen police are searching for five suspects in a jewelry theft in Aspen that totaled over $100,000.

Three stolen items, a pendant, aquamarine earrings and pearl earrings were all swiped from the store on Sept. 12.

According to  statement released by the Aspen Police Department, the five suspects took a series of steps to assess value and then steal the items.

The first two suspects “cased” the store shortly before 3 p.m., apparently trying to determine the value of certain pieces of jewelry.

After the first two suspects left, another suspect entered to specifically ask the cost of a pair of pearl earrings.

The first two suspects then reentered the store, claiming they had forgotten their cell phones.

Shortly thereafter, an older couple – suspects four and five – entered the store and stole three pieces of jewelry while suspects one and two distracted the store employee.

The suspects police are searching for are described as follows:
• Suspect one – young woman, 30’s or 40’s, 5’5” with straight, long dark hair, olive complexion, wore a long skirt, carried a Michael Kors purse.

• Suspect two – young woman, 30’s or 40’s, 5’8” with dark brown hair in a loose bun, olive complexion, distinctive nose, wore a long skirt

• Suspect three – heavyset woman with a reddish brown hair in a top bun, wore a royal blue long-sleeved sweater with rhinestone buttons and a dark, ankle-length skirt

• Suspect four – older woman, late 50’s, 5’8” (while wearing wedge sandals), heavyset, missing some teeth, wore a visor low on her head

• Suspect five – Older man, late 50’s, 5’8” with unhealthy teeth, wore a short-sleeved white button down shirt and white hat


Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Ritchie Zah at (970) 920-5400.