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Aurora mayor blames RTD for lack of ridership on R Line

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DENVER -- Schedules are up, tickets are ready and the trains are rolling. The problem is a lack of passengers.

That's pretty much why the RTD is proposing to dramatically reduce service on the new R Line.

"Ridership is just not right there now on the R Line. We're looking to optimize the system in a way to have our trains go where people are going," RTD spokesman Nate Currey said.

And according to RTD,  passengers are not riding the R Line during off-peak hours.

The proposal is to not run the entire route.

"It will either go from Peoria to Florida or it will go from Peoria and interline with the H Line and go into the downtown area," Currey said.

RTD's proposal sounded like a derailment to Aurora's Mayor Steve Hogan.

"It's more than being disappointed. It's being upset and not understanding," Hogan said.

Hogan said part of the problem is RTD's failure to advertise the new line.

"They need to let the public know that there is an R Line," he said.

So what's it going to take for more people to ride the new line?

"I think more people living along the line, working along the line. It's an investment into the future for sure," Currey said.

It's an investment Aurora already made.

"Almost $10 million to provide parking spaces so that the R Line could work," Hogan said.

Only until a decision is reached by RTD will Aurora know for sure if the train has left the station.