Dobby the baby giraffe to remain at Denver Zoo

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DENVER — Dobby the baby giraffe will be staying in Colorado for the foreseeable future, the Denver Zoo announced Thursday.

The zoo posted the news on social media about the giraffe, which was born Feb. 28 and was only 5-foot and 73 pounds — small for a newborn giraffe, zoo officials said.

“I’m getting big,” a zoo staff member held on a piece of paper in front of Dobby, who now is 8-foot and 450 pounds.

At the end of the video, the staff member held another sign saying Dobby will stay in Denver.

“In other words, come watch me grow as big as my Dad! Dobby stays in Denver!”

There had been speculation Dobby would be transferred to another zoo as part of a breeding program.

Dobby was born just as a zoo in upstate New York began to livestream April the giraffe while awaiting her to give birth. The livestream was viewed by millions of people worldwide.

Dobby had to undergo a plasma transfusion after being born to help boost its immune system and to fight infections.