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Biggest pet adoption mistakes

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Foothills Animal Shelter explains some of the biggest pet adoption mistakes.

  1. Make sure your home is fully dog-proofed.

Make sure you pay attention to hazards like stray electrical cords, slippery rugs, or dangerous chemicals. Dogs, and especially puppies, are very curious and will get into things you never even thought of.


  1. Don’t spoil your new dog too much right off the bat. 

You might be tempted to spoil your pooch with primo food and lots of treats as soon as you get them home, but don't switch away from the food he was fed at the shelter too soon. Switching foods too quickly or feeding him too many treats can lead to a dog with and upset tummy, including vomiting and diarrhea. Many shelters provide you with a bag of food to take home with your new dog, but if they don’t, make sure to ask what he’s been fed at the shelter.


  1. Don’t force too much love on your new dog too quickly.

It's obvious that you'll want to smother your new pooch with cuddles when you first pick him up. But understand that he just moved to a completely new environment and will likely be a little nervous—so if he's acting a little shy, let him come to you. Also make sure to give your new pet time to adjust. Sometimes it can take a few weeks before your new pet is fully comfortable in his new home.


  1. Make sure to monitor your dog’s potty habits.

Dogs have to go to the bathroom several times a day, and even more when they move to a new environment because they are stressed. Make sure you are taking you new dog outside or on walks every few hours to make sure he doesn’t make a mess in your house.


  1. Make sure to establish rules with your new dog right away.

No matter how cute your new pup appears, you need to establish rules and break his bad habits as soon as he comes home. The sooner you put rules in place, the sooner your new dog will behave how you want him