Singing sensation Kayla Hruby on her sudden fame: ‘It’s crazy’

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DENVER -- Broomfield High School senior Kayla Hruby has gained national fame after her stirring rendition of the national anthem before the Broncos' opener on Monday night against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Besides performing in front of more than 76,000 people at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the national anthem aired live on ESPN on the 16th anniversary of 9/11.

The performance drew rave reviews across social media.

"Social media is just crazy," she said Wednesday morning on "Good Day Colorado." "My friends and family obviously have been so supportive. But as far as people I don't know, I'm getting all these messages and direct messages on Facebook and Instagram. It's crazy.

"There was this one guy who said 'For a tough guy, you made me cry. It makes me proud to serve people like you in the military.' And that's so moving."

Hruby said before she took the microphone, she reminded herself to breathe and to remember the words.

"I was shaking in my boots," she said on "Daybreak."

Hruby has a soccer scholarship to a college in West Virginia, but after Monday night, she's at a "fork in the road."

"I've gotten a lot of opportunities since this national anthem. Big decisions are going to have to be made soon."