Downtown Denver restaurants gear up for potential Rockies’ playoff run

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DENVER-- The Rockies have had a successful season so far and their fans are rooting for the team to make it into the playoffs.

Bars and restaurants in downtown Denver are preparing for a potential postseason run.

Brad Manske, ViewHouse Eatery vice president, said a possible playoff home game would boost October sales. He said it's never too early to start planning.

"We’re already planning the wild card game, playoffs, events, parties and excitement for our guests," Manning said.

Manske experienced postseason excitement eight years ago, the last time the Rockies made the playoffs, and he hopes it will happen again.

"The excitement is so much fun, certainly for the Rockies and the players, but us die-hard baseball fans are just waiting live it again," Manske said.

ViewHouse will create a party atmosphere for the postseason with specials for customers and ticket giveaways.

"It’s wonderful for the city of Denver and the state of Colorado. The more tourists who can come is better for our economy and for all businesses. Everyone will thrive and do wonderful," Manske said.

Denver residents are crossing their fingers.

"It will be wild I bet, especially with the all the people now in Colorado," Michael Daugherty said.