Foster family living in hotel needs temporary residence

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DENVER -- Catherine and Felicia Kirk couldn’t wait to move their foster family into their new home, which features eight bedrooms and four bathrooms.

But instead of living there, the 11-member family is living in two hotel rooms.

They said their builder found signs of the dangerous chemical formaldehyde on joists in the new home and it could take months for the issues to be resolved.

The Kirks are caring for their daughter and several foster children, including teen mothers they are helping to excel in school.

“They need room and space and a house," Felicia Kirk said.

Over the years, the couple have adopted several children who have moved on to live successful lives.

Catherine Kirk helps change lives through her work with community organizations and Felicia Kirk sits on the board of a high school.

She said it’s all about giving back.

“I had a really good upbringing and it's my calling to give those who weren't as lucky a chance at a better future," she said.

The delay in being able to move into their home has caused them to spend more than $4,000 on hotel rooms and other expenses with no reimbursement from the builder.

The builder has not returned calls for comment.

The Kirk family needs a temporary house until a permanent home is available. Anyone who wants to help can contact the Problem Solvers at or