Photos: Courage My Love headline Lost Lake in support of Synesthesia

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Denver — Courage My Love’s new record Synesthesia is evolutionary in their writing and performing architecture. It’s got a real electronic vibe by comparison to their older EP’s like For Now. It’s been three years since their last recording and they’re celebrating the changes. They came to Lost Lake on the way from Vans Warped Tour and on the way to tour with Simple Plan.

Talking about their latest record. They didn’t set out to make a concept record, but in the end what they have is an album from beginning to end that tells a story. “We always write about what’s going on in our lives. What feels really real in the moment. When we were picking the order of songs on the record we realized it totally was all of our story that we could relate to in different ways. So we chose a story arc of what we went through in different ways. What became the stages of acceptance,” singer Mercedes Arn-Horn said.

It’s an emotional album for all three of the members of the band, her twin sister drummer Phoenix Arn-Horn and bassist Brandon Lockwood. “I think the theme of the record is getting over that hump, sort of hitting rock bottom and climbing your way up. That’s why it’s called Synesthesia because it’s a really confusing time.” Mercedes said, “If you listen to the songs in order, by the end of the record — It’s sort of like a happy ending.”

“Right now in the set we’re playing mostly new songs. I really love playing two “Headed Monster” and I really love playing “Never Gonna Change.” I feel like I get really amped up for those songs. It changes all the time,” catching up before their performance Mercedes explains why those songs are meaningful. “Two Headed Monster” is about growing up and realizing it’s not all black and white when a relationship ends or a relationship becomes toxic. You can’t really blame that on one person, it takes two to get it to that point.” She continued, “Never Gonna Change” to counter that one is about how people’s insecurities, they tend to mirror them and project them on to the people that they’re with in a relationship. It’s just about realizing it’s not your fault and you don’t have to change for someone else just because they’re insecure. I relate to those songs pretty heavily.”

Mercedes was candid about the personal nature of this record, “we put a lot of heart into it, a lot of our soul is in the record. So, it’s cool to get to play it live and it’s really cool to see people connect with it.  That’s probably my favorite part.”

She had a lot of love for the city of Denver and the fans here. “When we headline it’s obviously smaller shows, but the upside is the fans who come out are super fans. They know the words to our songs and the story of our band. They know what we’re all about. It’s very emotional that way.” You can check them out on Youtube. Mercedes said that their latest music videos are some of the most visual and her favorites. They’ve gone North to Canada for now to tour with Simple Plan, but be sure to see them the next time they’re in town.