Recent Colorado wildfires adding to the smoke in air over Denver

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DENVER — Smoke in the air will remain for a bit longer until a little relief clears the sky a bit throughout the weekend.

There are several active and large fires in the western U.S.

There are 140 fires covering 1.9 million acres. More than 26,000 people are working the fires with more than 200 helicopters and nearly 2,000 engines.

The impact of the fires is much more widespread than just at the sources. Smoke can be visible across the U.S.

The faint gray shades along and above the red line is smoke.

Three fires are burning in northern areas of Colorado, two in Routt County.

These particular fires will likely increase the smoke even more over Denver.

Also, watch for my mouse cursor to hover around the fires in Colorado and watch the intensity of the simulation to increase as fires spread in Routt County.

The good news is that through the weekend a weather system will cruise over the western US and that may be just enough to change our windflow to somewhat of a “cleaner” direction, at least for a little while.

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