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Groom stranded in Houston grateful to make wedding day in Loveland

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LOVELAND, Colo. -- A groom who spent most of the week stranded in his home because of floodwaters in Houston from Hurricane Harvey was grateful to manage to escape the water and make his wedding day.

Jared Clark and Bri Schock got married in Loveland on Saturday afternoon. Just a few days before, it dawned on Clark that he could miss his big day.

"When the floodwaters in the bayou were pretty close to our house, reality hit that I probably wasn't going to make it out," Clark said.

Clark, some of his groomsmen, the bride's sister, friends, family and the wedding photographer were stranded in Houston.

"It was was a very emotional week. It was hard," said Schock's siser Danielle Lebrasse. "At one point in time, I looked at my husband and said I'm not going to make my sister's wedding."

All the while, Schock watched news of the devastation from Loveland. She caught one of the last flights out of Houston before the storm him. She worried she'd have to postpone the big day.

"It's stressful. I feel hopeless and I feel bad I left, but at the same time, there is nothing I can really do. I'm just stressed, I'm just exhausted," Schock said Monday.

When the rain stopped, floodwaters started to recede. Clark, Lebrasse and others seized the opportunity, got in cars and drove to Colorado.

"It's been a rush of emotion. Being here knowing I have so many friends and coworkers that need our help, it's bittersweet," Clark said.

"To be here, this is the most important day of my life, but it's hard because half my heart is in Houston and I'm sad a lot of our guests and really close friends couldn't make it. But the most important thing is we're together."

"It's times like these what we've been through the last week to hug your family a little tighter so it's been really good to have everyone here," Lebrasse said.

"Just kind of puts things in perspective, you know? When you go through something like that, then you realize what's important to you, just to be here with your family and friends," wedding photographer Jason Smelser said.

"I was thankful everyone was able to come safe," Schock said.

The floodwaters got very close to Schock's and Clark's home, but the interior stayed dry.