Vietnam veteran’s military museum a homage to those who serve

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Just a little east of Colorado Springs, on the Plains, sits a museum unlike any you've seen before, and an owner to match.

His name is Mel Bernstein. He looks like a biker, which he is. He's also an entrepreneur.

Dragon Arms, Dragon Man's Paintball, Dragon Man's Dirt Bike Track, Dragon Precision Machine Shop and Dragon Arms Gun Store.

And last but not least, the Colorado Springs Military Museum.

Bernstein's also a lover of history. For the past 34 years, he has amassed what is arguably the most comprehensive private military museum in the country,

"I have a room for every major country the U.S. was in a war with from 1914 to Afghanistan," Bernstein said.

From World War I all the way up to Afghanistan,

"I love this stuff.  It brings back history and it honors the soldiers," he said.

Soldiers like himself. Bernstein served during the Vietnam War and today he continues to serve his fellow veterans with this hallowed place of history.

The museum resonates for retired U.S. Army Col. Merle Hanson.

"They need to see this. To see what our country is all about," Hanson said.

From the famous to the infamous, all preserved by Bernstein to keep the memory and to honor the men and women who fought evil, and won.

History, according to Bernstein, should be remembered.  Not erased.  And this place has a lot of memories.

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