Thief caught on camera taking packages from Arvada porch

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ARVADA, Colo. -- The porch pirates are at it again with another stolen package caught on camera.

About a month ago, someone stole packages from a porch happening in the Highlands neighborhood. In June, someone stole from a disabled veteran's porch.

“It’s a violation of my safety,” Stacy Hieb said.

Video shows someone driving up to Hieb's Arvada home, taking her packages and driving away.

Hieb said the packages consisted of a box of diapers and some toilet paper. She said it's a total of about $60.

“We got good video of this woman,” Hieb said. “I’m kind of hoping that someone recognizes her.”

While the surveillance video helps, it's not enough to pocket the thieves. The camera doesn't show license plates, something police need to find the suspect.

There are some things you can do to prevent these porch thefts.

  • Ask a neighbor to pick up the package
  • Sign up for text alerts from the carrier
  • Consider paying for package insurance

As for Hieb, she won't be doing any of that.

“No, I' m going to buy another camera,” she said.

She wants one that can capture license plates.