Colorado man participates in World Long Drive Championship

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AURORA, Colo. -- Richey Moore loves what he does as an irrigation specialist at Murphy Creek Golf Course in Aurora.

But when you work golf course maintenance, you do a little bit of everything.

"Most people are frustrated with just getting in the cubicle," he said. "My office has the best scenery in the world."

Moore was taught golf by his father William.

"He didn't have to set an alarm. He didn't have to feel like he was prying me out of bed," Moore said. "I wanted to go and play. I looked forward to it over the weekends with him."

As Moore grew, so did his strength, and his drives started to grow and grow.

He can drive the ball up to 456 yards. He's not allowed to practice on most driving ranges because they aren't long enough.

Moore will be competing in the 2017 World Long Drive Championship in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

William Moore has been looking forward to watching his son compete, but he unexpectedly died last week from a heart condition.

"He's gonna be with me on the tee so the other guys are gonna have to compete against me and my dad," Moore said.

"And I think we're gonna be a very hard duo to beat."

Moore finished tied for ninth in the preliminary round and did not advance.