Stranded dogs left on family boat during Hurricane Harvey are rescued

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Credit: CNN reporter Ed Lavandera / @agband93bcobrooks (Instagram)

HOUSTON — Two dogs that were left on a boat after their family was forced to evacuate during Hurricane Harvey have been rescued.

The dogs were apparently left behind when their owners had to evacuate because of flooding caused by heavy rains from Harvey.

Reporter Ed Lavandera shared the original photo on Monday.

“Two dogs left behind in a boat. Sadly a family had to evacuate their flooded neighborhood in Dickinson, Texas without their dogs,” he wrote. “Hope they’re ok. I should add, I think the people have every intention of coming back to get the dogs.

“Food was left behind and I suspect it had to be a tough choice and that they will come back for them as soon as they can.”

On Tuesday, Lavandera posted a photo of Frankie and Bear getting rescued with an update.

“UPDATE: Frankie & Bear are safe. The two dogs we saw sitting in a boat in a flooded neighborhood have been rescued! They’re being cared for and the owners will reconnect them at some point.”