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Woman says she found worms in salmon bought at Southern California Costco

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — A Southern California woman woman is warning others after she claims she found worms in the salmon she bought at a Costco store.

Sylvia told 10News in San Diego that she purchased two packages of sockeye salmon on Saturday at the Costco in Chula Vista, California.

When she went to cook them Saturday for a family party, she noticed at least three worms wriggling in the fish.

“It was sick, I was sick. I was like … until now I can’t even think about it. My stomach is still like scrambling,” she said. “I wish I did not see it.”

Sylvia said she immediately took the fish back to the store and she was given a full refund.

When pressed for a comment, a Costco corporate communications coordinator, who asked 10News not to attribute her name to the information, said: “Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a response at this time.”

Sylvia said if the company knows there is a risk of worms in their fish, she would like to see a label placed on the product.

“At least let the consumer know, that’s all,” she said.