Bad lighting & your eyes

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Dr. Marisa Perez-Wilson, VSP network optometrist takes a look at how bad lighting affects your eyes.

  • As blue light exposure hits unprecedented levels for the entire family, we must pay attention to the impact blue light has on our vision and health, and consider ways to reduce exposure to it.
  • Blue light is known to cause digital eye strain which include symptoms such as sore, tired eyes, headaches, and focusing problems.
  • Here are tips on what you can do:
    • Get An Annual Eye Exam
    • Observe the 20/20/20 Rule
    • Maintain Your Digital Distance
    • Lower Your Screen’s Brightness
    • Reduce screen time, especially for children: By the time the average American child turns 17, they will have spent one-third of their entire life looking at screens that emit high-energy blue light.