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CU Denver enrollment sees record-breaking enrollment, student diversity rises

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DENVER — The University of Colorado Denver campus was flooded with 14,000 students Monday, a number the university touts as the largest and most diverse student body in the institution’s history.

Final numbers won’t be released until September, but an official with CU Denver said 55 percent of the students are minorities.

Hispanic students make up nearly 20 percent of the total student population on campus, and international enrollment is up for new freshman and new graduate students.

CU Denver’s on-campus housing complex is at capacity with more than 700 residents.

“We are thrilled to see enrollment rise and are especially proud that nearly half of our undergraduate student body is now comprised of students of color,” Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Raul Cardenas said.

“We work hard to ensure our student body reflects our surroundings and to ensure high-quality education is accessible and welcoming to students of all backgrounds.”